New Express Entry Draw Issues 3,725 Invitations | October 10

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The new Express Entry draw today, October 10, sent out 3,725 invitations to apply in a no-program-specified round of invitations.

The minimum Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score for the draw was 500, which was four points less than the last all-program draw on September 26.

Summary of Express Entry Draw Today | October 10

  • No Program Specified
  • Number of invitations issued: 3,725
  • Rank required to be invited to apply: 3,725 or above
  • Date and time of round: October 10, 2023 at 15:49:55 UTC
  • CRS score of lowest-ranked candidate invited: 500
  • Tie-breaking rule: October 02, 2023 at 15:25:30 UTC

Latest CRS Score Distribution in the Express Entry Pool – October 10

CRS score rangeNumber of candidates

All The Express Entry Draws in 2023

Canada has now conducted the following draws this year:

  • 17 all-program draws
  • Four PNP draws
  • Four draws targeted at French speakers
  • Two draws targeted at healthcare occupations
  • One draw targeted at STEM occupations
  • One draw targeted at skilled trades
  • One draw targeted at Federal Skilled Worker candidates
  • One draw targeted at transport jobs
  • One draw targeted at agriculture and agri-food occupations

IRCC has now issued 89,773 ITAs in 2023 after inviting 45,115 candidates in 2022.

#DateRound typeInvitations issuedCRS score of lowest-ranked candidate invited
268October 10, 2023No Program Specified3,725500
267September 28, 2023Agriculture and agri-food occupations (2023-1)600354
266September 27, 2023French language proficiency (2023-1)500472
265September 26, 2023No Program Specified3,000504
264September 20, 2023Transport occupations (2023-1)1,000435
263September 19, 2023No Program Specified3,200531
262August 15, 2023No Program Specified4,300496
261August 3, 2023Trade occupations (2023-1)1,500388
260August 2, 2023French language proficiency (2023-1)800435
259August 1, 2023No Program Specified2,000517
258July 12, 2023French language proficiency (2023-1)3,800375
257July 11, 2023No Program Specified800505
256July 7, 2023French language proficiency (2023-1)2,300439
255July 6, 2023Healthcare occupations (2023-1)1,500463
254July 5, 2023STEM occupations (2023-1)500486
253July 4, 2023No Program Specified700511
252June 28, 2023Healthcare occupations (2023-1)500476
251June 27, 2023No Program Specified4,300486
250June 8, 2023No Program Specified4,800486
249May 24, 2023No Program Specified4,800488
248May 10, 2023Provincial Nominee Program589691
247April 26, 2023No Program Specified3,500483
246April 12, 2023No Program Specified3,500486
245March 29, 2023No Program Specified7,000481
244March 23, 2023No Program Specified7,000484
243March 15, 2023No Program Specified7,000490
242March 1, 2023Provincial Nominee Program667748
241February 15, 2023Provincial Nominee Program699791
240February 2, 2023Federal Skilled Worker3,300489
239February 1, 2023Provincial Nominee Program893733
238January 18, 2023No Program Specified5,500490
237January 11, 2023No Program Specified5,500507

express entry draw
Express Entry draw 2023

What is Express Entry?

The Federal Skilled Worker Program, the Federal Skilled Trades Program, and the Canadian Experience Class are all managed via the application management system Express Entry.

Candidates must have a minimum Comprehensive Ranking System score based on a number of human capital factors, including work experience, language proficiency, vocation, age, and education, in order to be eligible for Express Entry.

Every attribute has a fixed-point value. The highest scorers have the best chance of being invited to apply (ITA) in an Express Entry drawing.

The next step for a candidate who has been found eligible for an Express Entry managed program is to upload their profile to the IRCC website and wait to be notified with an ITA.

After receiving an ITA via Express Entry, candidates can submit an application for permanent residence. In six months, the IRCC wants to process 80% of all applications for Express Entry.

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