Top 27 In-Demand Jobs in Canada Supported By Immigration

Top 27 In Demand Jobs in Canada Supported By Immigration

Last Updated On 29 October 2023, 10:34 AM EDT (Toronto Time)

Immigration is crucial for Canada, with immigrants filling the most in-demand jobs across the country created due to a combination of factors, including labour shortages, evolving industries, and demographic shifts.

Canada welcomes record numbers of immigrants every year and some criticize welcoming large numbers because of the ongoing housing crisis and affordability.

However, it is important to understand that immigrants contribute to and support various crucial sectors by filling in the employment gaps.

This article enlists the sectors and most in-demand jobs that employ a significant fraction of immigrants to Canada, supporting the country’s labour market.

Healthcare Professionals: The Healing Hands of Immigrants

Skilled workers are always needed in the healthcare industry, and immigrants are essential to filling these roles.

Canada is home to a diverse range of healthcare professionals from all over the world, including physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and allied health workers.

An aging population necessitates more medical care and assistance, which drives the continued demand for healthcare workers.

1. Physicians: In order to alleviate the physician deficit, particularly in underprivileged rural and isolated areas, Canada actively seeks out globally qualified medical professionals.

Canada’s leading flagship permanent residency (PR) pathway, the Express Entry system, is now recognizing self-employed experience for foreign doctors.

2. Nurses: There is a national demand for both registered nurses (RNs) and nurse practitioners (NPs).

The nursing field offers a variety of career paths, and nurses with foreign training can obtain certification to work in Canada through bridging programs.

Even certain provinces, like Nova Scotia, have made it easy for international nurses to get certified.

3. Pharmacists: The expertise and experience of immigrant pharmacists are beneficial to the pharmaceutical sector.

The Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC) and provincial regulatory agencies both require licenses for this line of work.

4. Allied Health Professionals: Across the nation, there is a great need for allied health professionals that can provide patients with specialized care, such as physiotherapists and occupational therapists.

5. Healthcare Support Staff: In addition to working in clinical settings, immigrants can also be found employed as administrative personnel, personal support workers, and healthcare assistants, all of which help healthcare facilities run efficiently.

Information Technology (IT) Professionals: Leading the Digital Age

The country’s thriving technology sector, particularly in cities like Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal, attracts international IT workers.

The technological industry in Canada is booming, and immigrants are leading the charge in this digital transformation.

Numerous IT firms, startups, and innovation hubs can be found around the nation, providing a wide range of jobs in fields including data analysis, software development, and cybersecurity.

1. Software Developers: In Canada, software development positions are frequently among the most sought-after positions.

The increased demand for immigrants with programming and coding abilities has fueled the expansion of the IT sector.

2. Data Scientists: In a number of industries, including banking, healthcare, and e-commerce, data scientists and analysts are essential due to the growing significance of data-driven decision-making.

3. Experts in cybersecurity: Professionals with the ability to safeguard digital assets and infrastructure are in great demand in this era of expanding cybersecurity threats.

4. Tech Startups: Numerous immigrants in Canada bring with them an entrepreneurial spirit, launching businesses that spur economic growth in addition to employment creation.

Skilled Tradespeople: Building Canada’s Foundations

The skilled trades are the foundation of Canada’s building and infrastructure industries.

Among these trades are welders, carpenters, plumbers, and electricians.

Skilled immigrants frequently obtain certification through trade-specific regulatory organizations and apprenticeship programs.

1. Electricians: Because of the ongoing residential and commercial construction projects, there is a continual demand for electricians.

Through the Canadian Electrical Code, immigrants with electrical knowledge can apply for certification.

2. Plumbers: These experts make sure that houses’ and structures’ water supply and drainage systems run well. Plumbers can obtain certification through the Red Seal Program.

3. Carpenters: From constructing residential buildings to erecting commercial ones, carpentry abilities are crucial for construction projects.

Apprenticeship programs are available for immigrants who wish to become qualified carpenters.

4. Civil engineers: These experts plan and oversee the construction of roads, buildings, and bridges. It is common for immigrants to use provincial engineering groups to obtain their licenses.

Education Professionals: Shaping the Minds of Tomorrow

The educational system in Canada is always looking for qualified teachers to help its wide range of students.

To fulfill provincial criteria for education, immigrant instructors may have to go through a certification process.

1. Early Childhood Educators (ECE): ECEs play a crucial role in early childhood development and most of the Canadian provinces offer special immigration pathways for ECEs.

Colleges and universities provide certification programs for immigrants who are interested in this subject.

2. University Professors and Researchers: Immigrant academics contribute significantly to Canada’s research output, bolstering its standing as a world-class academic nation.

3. Educational Assistants and Teachers: Immigrant educators and instructional assistants are vital to the development of children’s minds in special education, elementary and secondary education, and other fields.

Finance and Banking: Guardians of Financial Well-Being

Professional prospects in accounting, finance, and related professions are available to immigrants working in Canada’s financial sector.

Immigrants play pivotal roles in ensuring Canada’s financial stability and growth.

1. Accountants: Government agencies, corporations, and accounting companies all want to hire Chartered Professional Accountants (CPAs).

To become a CPA in Canada, immigrants with accounting degrees might need to take additional coursework and tests.

2. Financial analysts: These professionals evaluate financial information and offer recommendations for making investments.

In Canada, a large number of financial analysts have backgrounds in economics, finance, or similar fields.

Retail and Hospitality: Face of Canadian Hospitality

Positions in sales and marketing are crucial for companies trying to grow their customer base and market share. Strong sales and communication abilities can help immigrants succeed in these roles.

Immigrants with a love of food and culinary abilities have options thanks to Canada’s unique culinary sector.

1. Sales Representatives: Sales representatives are employed in a variety of sectors, such as real estate, retail, and medicine. They are in charge of marketing and closing deals on goods and services.

2. Cooks: Canada’s thriving restaurant and culinary industries benefit from the contributions of immigrant chefs and cooks. Those with different culinary traditions are welcome throughout the nation.

3. Marketing Managers: These managers create strategies to draw in clients, assess market trends, and plan and carry out marketing initiatives.

4. Food services supervisors: These individuals are in charge of personnel, budgeting, and customer service in restaurants. It helps to have prior supervision and food service experience.

Transportation and Logistics: Connectors of Commerce

The foundation of Canada’s economy is the transportation and logistics industry, which makes it easier for people and goods to travel throughout the huge country.

1. Truck Drivers: In order to ensure that things are delivered on schedule, immigrants who drive trucks are vital to the transportation of goods from coast to coast.

2. Airline and Marine Transport: Canadian internal and international transportation networks benefit from the contributions of immigrant pilots, mariners, and air travel personnel.

3. Couriers: Couriers transport letters, parcels, packages, messages, and other items within and between businesses. They work for courier companies and other businesses in both the commercial and public sectors.

Agriculture and Agri-Food: Nourishing the Nation

The agricultural sector in Canada is diverse, and immigrants play a variety of professions, from farming to food processing.

Some reports even predict that Canada will need 30,000 immigrants to replace retiring farmers.

1. Farmers and Farm Workers: Immigrants working in agriculture contribute to Canada’s food production, helping to ensure the country’s food security.

2. Food Production: Immigrants play an important role in food processing and manufacturing, transforming raw components into products that reach Canadian tables.

Canada is already offering a special immigration category under the flagship Express Entry system for agriculture and agri-food occupations.

This is in addition to a special agri-food immigration program offering permanent residency to farm workers.

Canada’s immigrants are more than just workers; they are active participants in the nation’s social and economic progress.

Their contributions enrich the cultural tapestry and drive innovation across industries.

Canada, in return, offers immigrants a welcoming environment that values diversity and nurtures talent.

Together, they embark on a shared journey of success, contributing to the growth and prosperity of the nation and embodying the spirit of a country that welcomes people from all walks of life.

What are the sectors or industries with the highest job vacancies in Canada?

As per the latest Statistics Canada data, below are sector-wise job openings across Canada:

Health care and social assistance: 139,200
Retail trade: 73,100
Manufacturing: 54,300
Educational services: 19,500
Accommodation and food services: 79,500
Professional, scientific and technical services: 41,400
Construction: 61,800
Administrative and support, waste management and remediation services: 43,200
Finance and insurance: 21,300
Transportation and warehousing: 37,900
Wholesale trade: 28,500
Other services (excluding public administration): 32,000
Public administration: 15,800
Information and cultural industries: 9,500
Arts, entertainment and recreation: 11,600
Real estate and rental and leasing: 9,700
Agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting: 10,100
Mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction: 7,600
Utilities: 3,100
Management of companies and enterprises: 2,200

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