New International Experience Canada Draw Sent 996 Invitations

Last Updated On 26 August 2023, 11:00 AM EDT (Toronto Time)

The new International Experience Canada round of invitations sent out 996 work permit invites during the week ending August 25.

Out of these, 923 have been sent under the largest IEC category of Working Holiday Visa with the total number of invitations in 2023 now reaching 98,249.

Furthermore, IEC 2023 has added new spots for Belgium (200), Chile (2,500), and Taiwan (1,000) in the Working Holiday Visa category.

17,220 spots are still available under the Working holiday visa category for 2023, with 24,886 candidates already in the pool from 33 different countries.

Only 71 invitations have been sent under the Young Professionals category, while just 2 have been issued under the International Co-op (internship) category.

The IEC 2023 season processing time has now improved by 2 weeks to 9 weeks as per the most recent IRCC processing time update.

Below are tables listing the breakdown by country and category of invitations sent this week, overall invitations sent in 2023, the number of applicants in the pool, the available spots, and the probability of receiving an invitation next week.

Working Holiday Visa Invitations and Quota

Young Professionals Invitations and Quota

International Co-op (Internship) Invitations and Quota

What is International Experience Canada?

International Experience Canada, also known as IEC, is a reciprocal program of Canada with around 33 countries in which youth aged 18 to 35 get the opportunity to work and travel in each other’s countries.

There are 3 categories of International Experience Canada:

1. Working Holiday Visa category: This is the largest category in which youth from eligible countries can apply for an open work permit allowing them to work anywhere in the country.

2. Young Professionals category: Under this category, youth from eligible countries get a closed work permit for one specific employer, allowing them to get more exposure and advancement in their career.

3. International Co-op (internship): International graduates from eligible countries can apply to get work placements to do internships in Canada after completing their studies.

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