New Canada Study Visa Rules Starting By End of 2023

IRCC Minister Marc Miller

Marc Miller, the Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), has announced new study visa rules to strengthen Canada’s International Student Program and safeguard legitimate students.

In the review of International Student Program (ISP) to curb ongoing fraud, the new Canadian immigration minister made this announcement on October 27, 2023.

IRCC Minister Marc Miller revealed that by the end of 2023, the IRCC intends to directly check acceptance letters with Designated Learning Institutions (DLIs) to prevent foreign student agents abroad from submitting false letters when applying for study visas.

Furthermore, beginning with the autumn 2024 intake, the IRCC plans to deploy the Trusted Institutions Framework.

Changes are also being made to the Post-Graduation Work Permit for international students in Canada.

More information regarding these modifications will be released in the following months.

Minister Miller wishes to improve the PGWP for overseas students. The idea is to give international students more opportunity to fill labour shortages while also giving them more time to become permanent citizens.

On October 27, Canada’s Immigration Minister, Marc Miller, made a statement on enhancing the International Student Program.

The minister stated unequivocally that he opposes limiting the number of new international students admitted. The following are the announcement’s specifics:

Improved Acceptance Letter Verification Process

IRCC will directly validate the legitimacy of acceptance letters with Canadian designated learning institutions (DLIs) beginning by the end of 2023.

This critical stage guarantees that students are not deceived by bogus letters and that legitimate applicants have a secure path.

Some students had problems earlier this year as a result of bogus requests. This new verification approach will be useful in preventing such situations in the future.

Students can now be confident that their admission letters are genuine and reliable. This contributes to the International Student Program’s strength.

One of the major benefits of this verification method is that it guarantees the issue of study permits only to applicants who have genuine acceptance letters.

This assurance simplifies the application procedure and gives international students peace of mind.

The “recognized institution” framework

The IRCC will implement a “recognized institution” structure for the fall 2024 academic year.

This framework establishes greater expectations for international students enrolled in postsecondary designated learning institutions in terms of services, support, and outcomes.

If designated learning institutions (DLIs) follow particular IRCC standards, they can get benefits such as speedier processing of study permit applications from IRCC.

This project strives to provide students with a helpful and enriching environment, providing a positive educational experience.

Prioritizing the processing of study permits for applicants intending to attend designated learning institutes (DLIs), for example, will considerably help these institutions.

After examining the program’s criteria, the IRCC will begin adopting adjustments to match the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program, which has not been reviewed in ten years, with regional and Francophone immigration goals, as well as the demands of the Canadian labour market, in the coming months.

The Importance of Improving International Student Programs

Economic Contribution: The International Student Program (ISP) in Canada contributes about 4.8 billion dollars to the economy each year, making it a vital industry for the country.

Combating Exploitation: Recent examples involving overseas students falling victim to fraudulent tactics highlight the critical need for program reforms.

Maintaining Reputation: It is critical for Canada’s reputation as a premier education destination to ensure that real students obtain a great education.

Processing Delays in study visa

The expected increase in study permit applications to over 1.4 million by 2027 has resulted in inevitable administrative delays.

Addressing this issue is critical for the smooth admission of legitimate candidates.

Influence on Educational Quality

Some DLIs may compromise education quality in order to recruit more students if they are unduly reliant on international student fees. This circumstance has a detrimental impact on the overall learning experience, which demands immediate attention.

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New Canada Study Visa Rules Starting By End of 2023

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