Canada Introduces New Wage Requirements For LMIA Work Permits

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Today, the Government of Canada introduced new wage requirements for LMIA-based work permits, effective January 1, 2024.

Randy Boissonnault, the Minister of Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC), stated that the Road Map would be changed to better reflect the current state of the job market and the future prospects for the economy.

The minister stated that employers will have to check temporary foreign workers’ wages every year starting January 1, 2024, to make sure they keep up with wage increases for their job and region of work.

Through regular wage hikes, these reviews will make sure that companies pay temporary foreign workers at the going rate for the whole time they are working for the company.

This is to better support workers and address concerns about wage suppression.

Furthermore, he announced more steps lasting until August 30, 2024, that will be re-reviewed as the job market and economy change over the next few months. This includes:

1. Continue to allow employers in 7 selected sectors (Food ManufacturingWood Product ManufacturingFurniture and Related Product ManufacturingAccommodation and Food ServicesConstructionHospitals, and Nursing and Residential Care Facilities) to hire up to 30% of their workforce in low-wage positions through the TFWP.

2. Keeping the maximum length of work at two years for jobs paying less than the provincial or territorial median hourly wage; and

3. Changing the maximum validity time of the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) from 18 months to 12 months so that it can better reflect the job market

The TFW Program Workforce Solutions Road Map helps businesses meet the needs of the current job market and protects Canadian jobs and pay.

ESDC will keep a close eye on the market to make sure that the program adapts to changes in the Canadian economy and protects temporary foreign workers in Canada.

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canada pexels photo 3021055

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