Canada Immigration Backlog Rises 16% in the Last 2 Months

Canada Immigration Backlog Rises 16% in the Last 2 Months

Last Updated On 25 October 2023, 10:18 AM EDT (Toronto Time)

The Canada immigration backlog has now jumped by around 16% (125,900) since July 31, 2023, as per the new official IRCC data updated on October 24, 2023.

The IRCC backlog now stands at 928,500 as of September 30, 2023, which is higher than the levels reported in February 2023.

However, overall immigration and visa applications under processing have decreased by 79,700 as compared to numbers two months ago.

These backlog data reveal that IRCC processing has been comparatively slow since July 2023, converting applications under service standards into backlogs.

Just FYI, Canada appointed new Immigration Minister Marc Miller on July 26 and backlogs have been increasing since then.

The surge in backlog is due to temporary residency applications, including study permits, work permits, and visitor/tourist visas.

The backlog has reduced significantly for citizenship and permanent residency (PR) applications.

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) was processing a total of 2,194,900 applications as of September 30.

All the monthly Canada Immigration backlog updates in 2023

What is the backlog meaning ?

Backlog refers to a collection of immigration and visa applications that have accumulated over time and have surpassed the IRCC service standards.

It is critical to understand the IRCC’s viewpoint on the distinction between service standard data and backlog data.

For example, it typically takes a year to complete an application for spousal sponsorship. If an application is being handled and the 12-month time limit has not been met, it is deemed “NOT” to be in a backlog.

Instead, IRCC will treat this as part of routine processing. Only if the processing period for the spousal sponsorship application surpassed 12 months would it be declared backlogged.

The immigration department plans to handle 80% of the applications within these service standards.

Click here for application-category-wise IRCC service standards.

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