BREAKING: New Immigration Pathway March 27 By IRCC

New immigration pathway March 27

New immigration pathway March 27 to be unveiled by immigration minister of Canada, Fraser.

New immigration pathway is scheduled to be announced at the Empire Club of Canada in Toronto.

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On March 27, 2023, the Honorable Sean Fraser, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), is scheduled to make a significant announcement on a new Permanent Residence pathway.

At 11:30 am EST at the Empire Club of Canada in Toronto, the Honourable Minister of the IRCC, Sean Fraser, will give a keynote address and reveal the new permanent residency (PR) pathway.

He will discuss how Canada’s immigration policies may handle workforce shortages in various industries with NGOs, corporate executives, and civil society groups.

We will be providing IRCC new pathway update here.

Canada announces a new economic immigration pathway under the Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot (EMPP) to assist firms in hiring qualified refugees and other displaced people.

The Canadian government is expanding the EMPP by establishing a new federal pathway.

In order to solve specific labour shortages in high-demand industries like healthcare, skilled crafts, and information technology, Canada has set ambitious goals for the EMPP.

During the next years, Canada will expand it further and accept 2,000 eligible refugees and other displaced people.

As a result of the uniform qualifying requirements and the requirement to submit only one application, the new federal immigration program application procedure will be simpler and quicker.

The majority of applications will be approved within 6 months, allowing EMPP applicants to travel to Canada and begin employment immediately.

This summer will see the launch of this new pathway, which will supplement current EMPP pathways.

The new federal pathway will allow companies additional chances to fill a variety of in-demand positions, including those for teachers, tourist and hospitality employees, truck and delivery service drivers, software engineers, web designers, mechanical and electrical engineers, and long-term care aides.

The EMPP offers EMPP candidates the chance to resume their professions and their lives in safety with their families here in Canada while giving companies another way to meet their labour market demands.

The EMPP will also now take a more accommodating stance towards eligibility by allowing other displaced individuals who require international protection and lack a long-term solution to apply.

In the upcoming weeks, more details on the new federal pathway, including eligibility requirements, will be made accessible on the EMPP website.

Employers will be allowed to recruit refugees and other displaced persons who qualify under any National Occupation Classification 2021 category TEER 0-5 according to the new government gateway.

Canada’s oldest news site cic news has not posted any thing as of yet regarding the new immigration program, but INC News has been covering the LIVE developments.

New Immigration Pathway March 27 Details

The specifics of the new federal immigration pathway, which will be unveiled on March 27, 2023, are not yet known with certainty.

New Canada Immigration Pathway
Canada New Immigration Pathway to be announced by IRCC Minister Sean Fraser

Although there are many individuals guessing about the specifics of this new Pathway online and in various web forums, there are currently no formal data about it that can be obtained directly from the IRCC.

While some claim that this announcement may be to offer more information on the Bill C19, which was scheduled to go into effect in the spring of 2023, it may be the theory that makes the most sense based on the timeframe.

Some think this could resemble the TR to PR route.

Source: Immigration News Canada

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